Bentley GT Car Hire in London, UK

Car Features
  • Up to 2 Passengers
  • 2 Doors
  • 1 Pieces of Luggage
  • automatic
From 495/day
price based on 7days+ rental
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Rent the stunning Bentley Continental GT.

City Interrent Cars for Hire has a wide selection of top-quality automobiles available for our clients, and among those hire cars is the Bentley Continental GT. This auto is equipped with everything that you need to cruise on the road and show off one of the best examples of ornate style on the road.

This coupe-style vehicle is able to accommodate up to four adults, and brings the Bentley GT model class to the next standard of luxury and posh style. All of the features of this automobile continues its reputation as a stylish, well-crafted, performance machine. It is ideal for both those leisurely trips around the city, as well as for business-related excursions that require something more pristine and elegant. Making a great first impression and becoming an object of envy among your colleagues, peers, and even total strangers is to be expected when driving this car. It is readily available in our company for daily, multi-day, and weekly rentals.

While the outer body of the Bentley Continental GT is prime for the picking, the interior design of this luxurious vehicle is just as gorgeous. Careful attention and care has been given to this automobile, and it shows on all fronts. Clients will find that upon hiring this car, they will be the driver of a top-quality, definitive icon in automotive history. While you marvel at the beautifully-crafted details of this auto, you can trust that the logistics and statistics are just as valuable and exquisite. A power rating of 567 bhp, as well as a top speed of one hundred ninety-seven miles per hour, achievable in just 4.5 seconds, makes this a powerhouse of strength and sophistication. The W12 engine has a capacity of 5998cc with an automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive train.

Up to four adults can ride around with you, and there is plenty of comfort for everyone, as this is a spacious and roomy automobile. Clean-cut design epitomises the overall luxe and posh feel of this Bentley, and adhering to the tough requirements of this automotive brand, it can provide the aesthetic touches and personal conveniences that make driving such an adventure. No matter who is riding along with you, there is ample leg room and space for all adults, with spacious rear seating. At the front of the car, a wide and expansive dashboard provides a contemporary look and feel, as well as the modern features and amenities that you would only expect from a top-notch automobile.

Among those details are:

  • A super-advanced touch screen monitor for GPS navigation and control of the sound system that is user-friendly and easy to understand
  • Loads of maps and a speaker system that is complemented by great graphics and images that are a marvel to look at.
  • Crispness and ingenuity in the auto's outward appearance, which matches its authenticity as a top-quality piece of machinery. Hire this car, and you will not be disappointed.

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