BMW 740iL (LWB) Car Hire in London, UK

Car Features
  • Up to 4 Passengers
  • 5 Doors
  • 3 Pieces of Luggage
  • automatic
From 200/day
price based on 7days+ rental
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Rent the the new BMW 7 Series from City Inter-rent

With the new BMW 7 Series, you will truly experience a new class of luxury, as the cars in this series are gorgeous machines that extend desirable features and world-class style and features.

The BMW brand has always held itself to the highest standards, and it has established itself as a brand that is highly regarded for its elegance and understated sleekness on the road and beyond. Aesthetic appeal lends itself to both the interior and exterior of these vehicles. Time and time again, these automobiles continue to excite, amaze, and impress. Now, our clients can garner praise and awe-inspiring looks from family members, friends and colleagues.

Combining agility and luxe looks is what has made the BMW 7 Series an enviable group of autos. Intelligent design and first-class attention to detail and consumer needs has prompted the brand to continue excelling at providing expert handling, manoeuvring and aesthetics to all clients. The company has borrowed from sports vehicles, understated convertibles and strong powerhouse cars to craft a collection of automobiles that are impressive and highly esteemed in the automotive world.

These autos are characterised by their long and lean outer bodies. They have fully-capable wheel bases and housings that make them easy to steer and manoeuvre around tight bends and corners. Chrome and metallic elements contribute to a sleek and modern look and feel, and this vibe is echoed in the luxe features in the interiors of the machines. Those in the driver's seat get an increased awareness of why this brand remains an icon among those in the automotive industry. Safety and security details provide an invigorating driving experience. Examples include:

  • Top-quality highlights
  • Touch screen capabilities
  • A high-class GPS navigation system
  • Clear sound emanating from crisp speakers
  • A user-friendly experience for drivers and passengers

Getting from Point A to Point B is no longer a matter of making it to your destination on time and intact. These automobiles extend their service and security to drivers so that manoeuvring a steering wheel is a one-of-a-kind experience, one that leaves you refreshed and amazed. While you marvel at the safety features and the digital amenities that are a true testament to the cars' modernity, you can relish the automotive statistics and driving enthusiasts yearn for. A long bonnet design with short overhangs that reach to the vehicle's rear, as well as twin turbo, eight-cylinder petrol engines are highly desirable. With a combination of sports car power and top-notch sophistication, as well as smoothness on the road, these automobiles have a rightful place as a favorite among our clients.