MPV Car Rentals

  • Mercedes Vito Tourer LWB

    £100 / day
    (Based on 7+ days rental)
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    • x 9
    • x 5
    • x 8
    • Automatic
    Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer 114 CDI - LWB Luxury people mover for up to eight passengers and their luggage Mercedes Benz produces great cars and prides themselves on also building their same level of luxury appointment and driving pleasure experienced .....
  • Mercedes V-Class LWB

    £148 / day
    (Based on 7+ days rental)
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    • x 8
    • x 5
    • x 6
    • Automatic
    Mercedes Benz V-Class LWB Luxury People Carrier with room for eight The V-Class is everything you would expect from a Mercedes luxury car whilst cleverly packaged into being a very comfortable people carrier with room for up to eight people. The V-C .....

MPV - The Brand

Imagine this: you work hard and you are travelling around England, Scotland, and Wales. Jetting off to London is all the more enjoyable when you have a sophisticated and efficient option for getting around. A luxury car hire in London is what you need. Prestige Cars for Hire is here to assist you in your pursuit of excellence on the road. When you are traversing across London, only the highest-quality automobiles will suit your requirements. Fortunately, this company and its staff understand the important of customer satisfaction and utilising knowledge and expertise to ensure an elegant and convenient transportation option for clients.

With this company, clients enjoy the benefits of working with a prestige car rental in London. The choices for vehicles to rent for your business and leisure travel plans are full of a wide array of superb vehicles that offer outstanding performance and service. Examples include:

  • Ford Galaxy, with five doors and seating for four adults, this car is available to clients for the short or long term.
  • Mercedes Viano Extra (LWB) features a long wheel base along with top-notch amenities to ensure your safety while travelling. The revolutionary storage and spacious seating is ideal.
  • Mercedes Viano is a five door sedan offering loads of space for eight people and their bags. The latest security and seating amenities are highly desirable.
  • Mercedes Vito Traveliner can accommodate nine adult passengers and looks sleek and elegant on the road, with easy manoeuvrability and stunning aesthetics.

Clearly, there are ample options for all clients. With consumers that are travelling for leisure and business, there is the need for staffers that are knowledgeable and friendly so that they can assist everyone with their specific needs and schedules. One of the great aspects of a luxury car hire in London is that customers may tailor the automobile services to their itinerary and plans. Depending on the number of people travelling with them, as well as where they plan to go and when, the company can help them in finding the vehicle that is best suited for them.

By serving England, Scotland, and Wales, a team of well-practiced employees understands that everyone has different expectations and requirements. This is why their prestige car hire in London is so great. There is a wide selection of cars, sedans, and more so that no matter the situation, there is an answer for all. The range of vehicles crosses the spectrum of availability, comfort, world-class style, and accommodations. Storing luggage and keeping everybody safe and sound while you go about your way is what it is all about. Handling turns, curves, and straightaways, as well as on and off-road journeys, is an adventure in itself.

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Contact us to learn more about the luxurious convenience of renting an elegant automobile.

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