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Consider A Jaguar For Your Next Trip

Whether you’re flying into or otherwise heading to London, UK, you may wonder whether to use a taxi or hire a car. Many people prefer rentals over cabs and public transport because they’re more comfortable, have more features available to them, and can impress, especially if they choose a Jaguar for rent.

The Jaguar is an extremely popular luxury vehicle on the market, offering unrivalled sporty handling and performance, but also safety and power, no matter what speed you travel. Whether you’re hoping to wow the crowd at a large party or want to impress for a corporate meeting, you’ll turn heads no matter where you go. At City Inter-Rent, we understand your need for luxury vehicles, even for a short time and the Jaguar offers everything you need, including:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Technology
  • Prestige


Why Choose Jaguar

Even if you can’t afford to own such a luxury sports car, you can still rent one as the need arises in London UK. You’ll experience the best in comfort, as seats are made with Italian leather and can come heated and padded, as well. You’ll also note climate control settings in newer models and a strong engine with component seals to reduce the noise you hear while driving. Likewise, the window glass is laminated to reduce noise, as well.

Even when driving rentals, you want to ensure that you are safe. When you choose Jaguar hire, you’ll have adaptive suspension and shocks that adjust to any road condition. Wheels will grip the road firmly, making you safer in turns and rain. Likewise, foot pedals and steering wheels are slightly larger than with traditional cars, making the easier to manoeuvre. Please contact us if you’d like more information or would like to rent this vehicle for your next excursion.