Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class
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Car Features
  • 5 Passengers
  • 5 Doors
  • 2 Luggage
  • Automatic
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Mercedes C250 luxury German style

There is an automotive brand that has been satisfying consumers for decades. In fact, it blows their minds with stellar specs and vehicles. This brand is Mercedes-Benz, and the Mercedes C250 redefines luxury and good taste. Hertz Dream Collection is pleased to have this stunning auto for one-day, multi-day, and week-long rentals.

There is already a sense of longing and desire for this car brand, yet, the Mercedes C250 is desirable in its own right. When you take a look at the stats on this beauty, you will see why. Consider:

  • A smooth-running 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine
  • 134bhp
  • 6-speed, automatic transmission
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour in nine seconds
  • A top speed of one-hundred-thirty miles per hour
  • The beauty and class of Mercedes Benz


People are talking about this car, constantly, and it outshines competitors with low fuel consumption and fewer carbon dioxide emissions. With this feature, you will feel good about driving such a gorgeous vehicle! It is ideal for corporate events and occasions, and your colleagues will be jealous of your luxurious new hire.

This is a refined automobile with a purring engine and a streamlined look. You will catch everyone's eye as you traverse city streets and country roads. This car looks amazing on just about any surface. You will want to take it everywhere.

The exterior achieves a nice blend of might and magnificence. It looks stylish, elegant, and luxurious, yet, it also embodies the power, drive, and ambition of the iconic brand. Looking sexy and sporty on the roads is effortless, and the C250 is not all appearance, you know, the performance is just as impressive.

You will feel light as a feather as the C250 zooms along. Bring a passenger or cruise on a solo adventure. There is never a wrong time to hop inside the cabin of this auto, and the interior will excite you with all its splendour.

Inside, you will find soft, plush leather seating. You can electronically adjust the seats to meet your needs and perfect fit. Luxury is a given, but there is also a nice amount of room for a comfortable ride. The sportiness looks chiselled and crisp – perfect for a Mercedes.

Gorgeous trims line the dash, and an info/entertainment system gives the driver control. Hook up your iPod, tablet, or smartphone and stay connected during your drive. There is also the convenience of music, navigation maps and gauges so that you stay in the know.

The automobile keeps a record of your journey, including speed, tire pressure, and temperature. You can stay informed and safe with top-quality seat belts and air bags, and stay protected while you discover the power of the terrific transmission. With this vehicle, you will look forward to all of your trips.

Whether you go on holiday, to a business conference, or on a weekend joyride, you will love it. The C200s are enviable and viable options for all our clients' demands. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch options, so contact us today for vehicle hire at Hertz Dream Collection. This decent automobile is a great addition to an impressive automotive line-up.

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