Mercedes GLE 43 AMG Coupe

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3.0l, V6
Minimum age to rent this vehicle: 27
Security deposit: £2500

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 43 Coupe

Super SUV – Mighty AMG Power – Technically Advanced 4x4   

The GLE is built on the E-Class platform and in this GL form it has a raised body height and added ground-clearance. The coupe styling works really well and clearly underlines the cars sporting abilities whilst bringing a mean, purposeful yet stylish overall look. In this AMG version you get a jaw-dropping 362php from the three litre V6 engine, AMG technology and styling adds much to the car making it highly desirable with a plethora of abilities and capabilities. The AMG GLE is more of an S-SUV with the added S standing for Super as AMG power turns it into a Super Sports Utility Vehicle and the immense power and handling changes any normal SUV expectations you may have

The GLE loses very little of the E-Class saloons all-round excellence and capability. The AMG styling adds to the cars already handsome looks, clearly marking it out as being very special, from its AMG badged sporty radiator grill and gaping air intakes plus side set Biturbo badges and sizable 22-inch AMG alloys, to the pronounced rear tailpipes, the car makes a real statement of sporting purpose.

If its stunning looks don't turn heads then the powerful growl emanating from these twin tailpipes will. All of this power is however very user friendly and the car is great for town use as well as being a great motorway cruiser, with a smooth nine speed auto gearbox allowing you to use the substantial on-tap power to overtake quickly and safely. In all situations it's very peaceful inside and extremely comfortable having adaptive suspension for the best ride on all road types and four wheel drive adds stability, road holding and bad weather abilities. 

The interior has all the usual E-Class luxury, practicality and driving aids. The E-Class is already a sizable car and this format sees interior dimensions increased and, with four doors and a large rear hatch there is plenty of luxuriously appointed room for five and their luggage. AMG finishes and sports seats further enhance the passenger and driver experience.   

This amazing S-SUV is something very special indeed and with a purchase price of well over £60,000 it makes sense to enjoy it, as and when needed, by simply hiring it from The Dream Collection and experiencing its enormous power and practicality. 


The Mercedes Benz GLE 43AMG Coupe comes equipped with sumptuous but supportive sports seats that are electrically adjustable to ensure that your journey is both exhilarating and comfortable.


  • Engine: 3.0 L Biturbo V6.
  • Power: 362 bhp
  • Torque: 520 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 130 mph
  • 0 – 62 mph: 5.6 sec
  • Fuel: Petrol

Facts about Mercedes Benz SUV's

When Mercedes first announced the GLE Coupe, they pitched it as an embodiment of automotive perfection having loads of interior space, off-road capabilities, on-road dynamism, 4x4 abilities and striking sporting looks.

In their marketing words, all of the above was re-worded as "The sporty nature of a coupe…imbued with the striking characteristics of a robust SUV, with convincing on-road vehicle dynamics.