Range Rover Car Hire in London, UK

There is a singular vehicle for rent that can make your rental experience absolutely amazing. A Range Rover for hire is a treasure, combining the tough-as-nails dependability you require with the professional design you yearn for in a vehicle. At City Interrent we have a great selection of cars for hire. These vehicles are readily available for one-day, multi-day, or week-long journeys. Whatever your reason for travelling, you will find that a Range Rover meets all of your needs. Business matters and road trips just for the heck of it are just some of the ways our clients manage to utilise these reliable and intriguing autos. Whether you want tough, smooth, or luxurious, we can more than meet your needs with a Range Rover Evoque car hire in London UK, a Range Rover Vogue car hire in London UK, or a Range Rover sport car hire in London UK.

This is an easily recognisable and cherished automobile that can be conveniently rented from us. People everywhere acknowledge the elegance and allure of the auto with its distinct lines, classic accents and sweeping rooflines. Rentals of this type are considered to be a cut above the rest. You can easily rent a Range Rover from us at affordable prices that won’t break your budget. Our customers relish in our superior customer service when it comes to rending a vehicle from us. You are guaranteed top-of-the-line rentals that are known for their luxury and convenience. Just visit our website or give us a call to secure the Range Rover of your choice. You’ll get the speed, elegance, and luxury you’ve always wanted when you use our impeccable rental services.

Key Aspects of a Range Rover Rental Include Impressive Features Such As:

  • V6 supercharged 3.0-litre engine with 340hp 2993cc
  • 332 feet of torque at 3500-500rpm
  • Eight-speed transmission with all-wheel drive
  • A maximum speed of 130 miles per hour
  • Acceleration from zero to 60 in 7.1 seconds
  • A fuel capacity of 27.7 gallons

A Car Rental with Power and Class

With wheelbases of 115-inches and a gross towing load of 7716 pounds, this is a powerhouse of a vehicle that is sure to meet all of your vehicle rental needs. This vehicle also touts LED rear lights and follow-me-home lighting, as well as a windshield that senses rain, creates an immersive experience that you will never forget. The amenities and features of these cars are something to be admired and treasured while you are manoeuvring such an incredible piece of machinery. Our clients favour the aesthetics and specifications of the Range Rover for its massive might and stunning appearance guaranteed to be a car rental that is just as luxurious as it is dependable. All of our car rentals are kept in top condition and running smoothly with a guarantee to be trustworthy when it comes to reliability. We get you where you’re going safely, affordably, and in luxurious rentals that bring great comfort and peace of mind.

Keeping yourself comfortable and accommodated is as simple with a powered upper and lower trunk, tailgate, a rear-view camera, and a monitoring system for tyre pressure. The mirrors are adjustable, heated, and lit up on the exterior and include approach lights that incorporate this iconic brand's logo and image. The wheels are beauties: nineteen-inch split-spoke in a 501 style. Protecting this strong and durable machine is a cinch with loads of safety and security features. Among them are Electronic Traction, Hill Descent, Dynamic Stability, Cornering Brake, and Cruise Control features. An anti-lock braking system and terrain response means that in any condition or climate, you have the right of way.

Rent a Car Packed Full of Features

You can also keep your oh-so-lucky passengers cool and cosy with seating that is ten-way adjustable, heated, memory compatible, and reclines. The interior of these cars matches the allure of the exterior with a sun visor, headrests, carpeting, a laminated windshield, auto-dimming mirrors, mood lighting, and three-zone climate controls. The driver is not left out in the cold as there is a heated leather steering wheel for your added comfort and convenience. A Range Rover is the right choice for anybody seeking a car hire. Contact us today to book a Range Rover Evoque car hire in London UK, a Range Rover Vogue car hire in London UK, or a Range Rover sport car hire in London UK.